As people who live in both urban and natural settings, it is vital that we exist harmoniously on our shared abode. Design is imbued in everything we see, whether that be the gentle sweep of a tree’s branches or the elemental ripples in a pond. Such facets of design actually translate through what we refer to as ‘selective viewing’. Apart from the inherent design which exists in nature, it is also important to understand the perspective through which we see it. The way we compose a sight can enrich what is already there.

A simple blade of grass has a beauty of its own, but when a lofty mountain is elevated in the background, suddenly this blade of grass is given new meaning. When highlighting the miniscule nature of pliant grass against the majesty of a solid mountain, we notice the stark juxtaposition of the natural world. The way these kinds of components fit together form special relationships with imbued meaning and subtext, which we are able to layer with increasing complexity.

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