Design: Logic. Purpose. Beauty.

The geometry of the universe is nested in reason. The details and determinants which constitute all that we see and know is justified by purposeful intent, within which there is profound beauty. The very nature of design encapsulates this. Simply, the macrocosmic blueprint of our cosmos is driven by none other than the virtue of design.

From the soft fold of a flower petal to the delicate fibers cloud blanketing the sun, the fabric of design is an essential part of the environment which surrounds us. The value of design is a sweeping undercurrent which drives the existence of all living organisms. The exhibition of design is apparent in the elaborate structures which we base much of our lives around, but as we strip these complexities down layer by layer, we are confronted with infallible simplicity. It is this minimalistic logic that lies at the heart of masterful design.

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  • Design is all encompassing. Design inputs are prevalent and reflect all of architecture, interiors and in all of nature
  • There is 'design' in nature. Whether it's a tree, a lake or clouds in the sky, there are elements of design in everything that surrounds us.
  • When we talk about architecture or interiors, we are talking about the physical, man-made environment.
  • Heritage is man's unique contribution to this planet. It is everything he has created through all the years of his existence.

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